A Revamp of office space thoroughly improves carbon footprint. DLG Aluminium & Glazing improve energy efficiency with a range of AWS system.

With more and more research occurring into sustaining the environment, many people are finding it necessary to improve their carbon footprint through their home and office environments. The need for environmentally sustainable builds is becoming more prominent. This abstract Kotzur development is very much a reflection of the times. The architects, Jovaras Westland, embraced the strict brief of creating an environmentally friendly building and utilised design elements and materials that allowed this brief to take life.

The building is located in Walla Walla, NSW, about 40 kilometres from Albury-Wodonga. The population of the town is approximately 500 people. Due to the project’s rural location and small community, “green” builds are less prominent.

The project entailed a renovation of the Kotzur commercial building, upgrade of office area, reception and board room. The client’s strict brief was to ensure the building was energy efficient, had a modern appearance and was clean, simple and stylish.

Premier Building and Construction were chosen to build the project due to their experience in completing energy efficient projects as well as their reputation for high quality finishes throughout their projects.

When it came to material selection, the project’s location made it challenging to find suppliers that had products to fulfill the brief as well as deliver in a timely manner. One of the most significant selections was of the windows and doors, due to the range of products and quantity required for the build. The clients needed an energy efficient system that was aesthetically pleasing and had a modern appearance.

DLG Aluminium & Glazing were chosen to manufacture the large variety of aluminium windows and doors in the project, having experience in manufacturing the extensive AWS product range. DLG Aluminium & Glazing were also looked upon favourably due to their impeccable reputation for delivering high quality products on time and to budget.

The Elevate™ Aluminium Systems range was utilised extensively throughout this project as the clean bold frames of the systems complied with the brief of ensuring a clean, modern appearance in all aspects of the build. The particular systems used in the build were Elevate™ Series 406 and Series 426 FrontGLAZE™ Framing. These systems also ensured they fit the brief as they are able to be single or double glazed which ensured an energy efficient solution to windows and doors.

Upon completion of the project, DLG Aluminium & Glazing were congratulated on their ability to create an open and lively feel through the instalment of numerous windows. The staff who work in the Kotzur building are all happy with the results of the build, believing the renovations have increased productivity as many staff love being in the office now. Energy costs have dramatically reduced and the temperature throughout the building is always comfortable despite minimal heating.