We understand that shower screens are a difficult decision for many. Whether you are faced with the challenge of screening an awkward shower area or can’t decide on the best option for your project we are able to assist. All of our shower screens are custom fabricated to suit your individual needs, ensuring you will find the perfect solution to your shower area. Our product range have been designed along slim, modern lines and provide uninterrupted expanses of glass to complement modern bathroom décor. Our shower screens are able to be anodised to ensure durability or powder coated in a great range of colours. At DLG Aluminium and Glazing we are able to provide you with various options including complete or partly frameless, fully framed shower screens, sliding door shower screens, pivoting door shower screens, glass panel shower screens, corner shower screens and many other options.

Framed Shower Screens

DLG utilise the dimension showers from Pivotech as they are designed with versatility to adapt to numerous applications and configurations, combined with this is the ease of installation and quality of components that customers rely on.

This fully framed shower screen offers superb strength and durability. It is ideal for value-conscious builders or renovators. The design of the shower keeps the majority of the water within the shower screen area (95 to 100%) as all areas of the glass are frames and hence all water running down the glass stays in the enclosure. The full magnetic handle not only looks stylish but it ensures the shower door stays closed.

Standard height of 1850mm and can be made up to 2000mm high.


Proven Design

The Dimension fully-framed shower screens are ideally suited to any bathroom. Their robust construction guarantees years of trouble-free service.

Full Length Handle

The unique dimension full-length moulding is integrated into the door design - creating an extremely strong handle that is convenient to use, yet remains stylish and visually unobtrusive.


Where a swinging or pivot shower door simply isn’t practical, Pivotechs sliding shower screen systems deliver reliable strength with sleek, modern elegance and maximum flexibility. An ideal solution for smaller bathrooms. Sliding doors reduce the overall space required for a shower recess and minimal metal used makes cleaning easy. A choice of powder coated and anodised finishes complement any décor.


Perfect for larger screens, and with less framing, the two-door configuration helps minimise visual clutter in tight spaces. With the option of having one or both panels slide, it also offers a simple solution for double-ended shower rooms.


The three-door design offers the advantage of a wider opening. The fixed panel is raised from the sill and located inside for safety and easy cleaning. Locating the wheels at the top of the screen keeps them away from soap and grime.


The widest opening for the smallest space, a corner opening screen enables access from the middle of the bathroom. A practical solution and a brilliant design, the toilet and basin can be positioned on either side of the shower recess. Doors can be closed from both directions and the profiles overlap to minimise water leakage.


Optima adjustable shower screens provide Pivotech quality in a flexible, off-the-shelf design. Our high value for investment Optima is hard to beat. Versatile, attractive and easy to install, telescopic, or adjustable, shower screens have quickly become a favourite for Australians. Success with these semi-prefabricated shower screens hinges on choosing one designed for quality and engineered for performance.

Choose Optima and your worries wash away. The Optima door is perfect for a budget conscious homeowner or DIY Builder. This type of shower is a good choice if you want to compromise between a fully framed and semi framed shower. There are nice clean lines around the door glass and ease of cleaning but there’s still a magnetic strip holding the door closed and an overlap in the glass to keep water in. 


  • Pivot Patch Fitting: Sleek and understated door pivots are colour matched to co-ordinate with the frame.
  • Finger Pull Handle: Ergonomic and unobtrusive, the finger pull handle compliments the Optima shower screen perfectly.
  • Splash Guard: The clear splash guard directs water back into the shower area 




The Evolution semi-frameless shower screen features a chic door and conform to many different bathroom layouts. Pivotech’s made to order screens allow for custom and varied configurations. Evolution combines elegant lines with quality components for a gorgeous bathroom you will love. The Evolution semi-frameless shower screen can be mitre cut or square cut, depending on the preferred finished look. It uses 6mm glazing rubber and takes 6mm toughened glass. Designed by Pivotech’s product development team, the Evolution is a polished and refined shower enclosure. With an emphasis on performance, Evolution shower enclosures offer the perfect choice for modern main bathrooms and en suites.


  • Magnetic Closing Catch: Positive-close magnetic catch ensures the door closes perfectly in-line, every time.
  • Pivot Patch Fitting: Elegant and unobtrusive door pivots are colour matched to co-ordinate with the frame. These stainless steel pins are designed to give years of trouble-free service.
  • Optional stylish handles: Optional handles offer an even more fashionable look. D Handle or finger pull are available.
  • Uniquely Shaped Profile: The integrated Evolution design directs water back into the shower area for easier cleaning and a sleek slimline frame.



DLG sell Pivotech’s Momentum semi frameless sliding shower screen. It is Chic and sleek, with a contemporary design and effortless function, it will compliment any bathroom decor. The shower is also designed for the regious of daily use, Momentum’s features allow for effortless cleaning and the hardware is engineered for durability. Pivotech understands that the biggest challenge of a bathroom is keeping it clean. Our shower enclosures incorporate features to help. Momentum’s unique spring loaded carriages under the sill allow the door to be tilted for greater access and easier cleaning.


  • Engineered for Life: The bottom guides can be disengaged to clean between the shower door and the fixed elements, the rollers under the sill minimise friction which provides smooth operation of the door, specially designed stop blocks prevent the door from opening or closing while in use, soft moulded stops prevent the door from slamming open or shut.
  • Designed for Style: Ideal for large openings between walls, has a slimline semi-frameless design which conceals mechanisms and components


Our frameless shower screens look fabulous as all edges of the door are unframed. The panels are held in place by special brackets and fixings. Fully frameless showers are easier to clean and maintain than traditional framed or semi-frameless shower enclosures. However if you’re only working with a shower of approximately 900×900 we strongly recommend not using this type of shower screen, due to the potential amount of water to end up outside the shower enclosure. 

Shower Panels are commonly used in situations where the shower takes up one end of the bathroom or ensuite. The panels can be any width, the longer the panel the less water leaves the area, and we suggest panels over 1200mm in width be braced either up to the roof or across the wall. This does it need to be done for safety but rather because customers may feel uncomfortable with the wobble that can occur if the panel is knocked.

DLG stock standard shower panels:

  • 2000h x 900w
  • 2000h x 1000w
  • 2000h x 1200w


We supply two bath panels from Pivotech’s series of semi-frameless bath panels, the duo and the Mono. These panels offer versatility and adaptability for use in numerous applications, combined with the ease of installation and quality of components our customers expect. Bath panels are more sophisticated and easier to clean than a shower curtain.



  • 6mm toughened glass
  • positive centralising mechanism
  • 180° swing panel
  • spray flap to minimise splash
  • reversible patch fittings
  • wide back wall channel for positive fixing
  • fully assembled for install
Supply and Install (local area only) Prices starting at $480



  • 1500mm x 800mm
  • 6mm toughened glass
  • positive centralising mechanism
  • 180° swing action
  • spray flap to minimise splash
  • wide back wall channel for positive fixing
  • fully assembled for install
  • easy to clean
  • classic design