Glass balustrades are the perfect solution to add extra style and complete the finishing touches to your outdoor pool area, verandah, or internal stairs and balconies. Glass has the brilliant ability of allowing an uninterrupted view, combined with Aluminium, Stainless Steel, or several other building materials your range of design chooses is only limited by your budget. DLG can assist you in choosing the correct style to best suit the design of your home. The installation team at DLG have installed many different balustrade systems into a variety of combinations. For example – Timber decking, pavers, tiled balconies, suspended concrete slabs, garden beds around swimming pools areas, existing verandah posts. Out Staff can advise you of the best outcome for your environment verses the budget you have to achieve the result. DLG have a clear understanding of the current Australian Standard regulation, and all balustrade products supplied and installed by DLG meet with those regulations.

A project by DLG Aluminium & Glazing.


A fully frameless glass balustrade is achieved by installing the glass into a slot in a concrete slab or a channel system fitted on the face of a timber or steel structure. The glass is held in with a silicone based product. The glass will either be a 10,12 or 15mm toughened clear or tinted glass. The most popular choice for unframed glass is using Bullet or pegs brackets to hold the glass in place. The brackets can be mounted onto a range of different surfaces (Timber, concrete and steel).

Semi Frameless

Often it’s more practical to install a semi framed balustrade system by using upright aluminium posts, or channel fitted to existing verandah poles. The top and bottom of the edges of the glass are polished. Glass can vary between 6,8 and 10mm toughened with the maximum distance being 1400mm wide. When aluminium posts are being used they are often installed during construction as they are concreted into the ground. This form of balustrading is used only on flat ground due to the AS1288 regulations concerning framed to top due to a drop-off being more than 1 meter requiring a framed top edge.

Stainless Steel

To achieve a unique design and meet with all the requirements of the AS1288 regulations for glazing at height combining using stainless steel as the balustrade system allows for a much wider choice of styles and designs. Your imagination is only limited by budget. Although DLG does not offer a stainless steel service we do work in conjunction with several companies qualified in this field.


We find this application is common in the residential market on second story balconies as it meets all the requirements of AS1288 but offers a stylish finish to a modern home with a reasonable outlay of costs. Often the glass is stopped short of the upright by 50mm and those edges are polished edges. The balustrade design that DLG use has no visible fixing points which gives the finished product smooth uncluttered lines along with maximum strength. The posts have Feet which can be bolted onto concrete or a timber deck etc.