Abstract school built to improve students’ learning environment. DLG Aluminium & Glazing use Elevate™ systems to help create interactive zones.

This award winning primary school is located in the scenic town of Yackandandah, Victoria. Nestled in the foothills of Stanley State Forest, the school is surrounded by lush green vegetation and magnificent wildlife. The town is rich in heritage, history and natural resources.

The brief for the renovation and build of Yackandandah Primary School was quite complex. Architects from NOWarchitecture designed the entire project. The architects worked closely with one of Australia’s largest privately owned construction companies, Hansen Yuncken to fulfil the brief and create seamless finishes. The aim was to revitalise the staff room, administration area and community art space whilst maintaining the heritage school building. Architects also needed to create a brand new wing of three learning centres, a canteen, multipurpose room and learning resource centre.

The project was quite large and required architects to consider the building’s environmental benefit and impact as the clients wanted the building itself to be a tool for environmental awareness within the small Yackandandah community.

Early in the planning process NOWarchitecture chose aluminium window and door fabricators DLG Aluminium and Glazing. Windows and doors were a major component in ensuring the surrounding landscape was taken full advantage of. DLG Aluminium and Glazing were the clear choice to ensure this project fulfilled the brief.

DLG were chosen for the project due to their ability to custom make aluminium windows and doors to suit the architects’ abstract designs.

DLG’s capability to provide thermally efficient systems were looked highly upon as the architects were utilising environmentally friendly materials. DLG provided the complete solution to aluminium windows and doors for the project. Due to their expertise in the industry, DLG were able to assist the architects in developing a combination that fulfilled the brief.

The architects were able to reduce energy consumption by implementing green initiatives such as a hydrothermal air-conditioning system and large, high performance window openings for natural ventilation.

Elevate™ Aluminium Systems Series 466 Awning Windows were used throughout the project due to their ability to be open through all weathering conditions and provide ventilation all year round. Series 466 are also able to be locked in the open position which allows ventilation in conjunction with safety for students.

Elevate™ Series 453 Double-Hung Windows, Series 400 Framing and Louvres were also used in this project.

The completed project has exceeded the expectations of students, staff, parents and the community alike. The innovative approach to heritage and integration of environmental initiatives has contributed to community changes in attitude and approach.

The school has praised the architects, builders and manufacturers of the materials. Staff at Yackandandah Primary School have attributed improved student focus to the new building. Staff are pleased with changes in students’ concentration due to the light and fun atmosphere of the buildings.