At DLG Aluminium and Glazing, we understand how important it is to protect your home and your family. By installing a DLG aluminium security door and screen, you are able to ensure the safety of your home. The strength and reliability of security grills plays a major role in reducing crime. DLG security grills meet the Australian security door standard.

We offer the standard 7mm large diamond pattern security door through to a range of cast grills designed to suit home design styles like federation, colonial or modern looks. Both hinged and sliding doors are catered for in our security door options. Our security doors remain highly secure whilst not compromising the appearance of your home.

At DLG Aluminium and Glazing, we supply the ClearShield™ range of products. ClearShield™ is made from a single sheet of stainless steel locked into an aluminium frame without the need for rivets or screws. A matrix of holes are stamped throught the sheet giving an amazing degree of visual clarity without sacrificing the strength of the stainless steel. ClearShield™ is a patent pending product, energy rated and now available throughout Australia.

ClearShield™ stainless steel security products have now been endorsed by the Australia Window Association with an astounding 3.5 Star Energy Efficiency Rating. This equates to a reduction of up to 44% in solar, solar radiation, energy consumption and fading when ClearShield™ is fitted to a window of 3mm + thickness. This puts ClearShield™ on par with many high performance solar-control glazing systems and shading products.

With ClearShield™ you can leave your doors and windows open, creating a virtually impenetrable barrier with optimum visibility, maximum ventilation and substantially improved energy efficiency.

Security Doors
Security Doors